How do I get involved?

Project 52 has 52 partner members. If you’d like to join us and be considered for membership if a space becomes available, fill out our online form.  The joining fee is £2,552, with a small ongoing annual contribution paid on 25th June each year to mark George Orwell’s birthday and our annual party.

What do I get for my money?

A members’ pass that gives you full access to a modern, inventive and welcoming drinking establishment where like-minded people can enjoy the best craft ales, beers, gins and wines in an intimate members’ club-style setting. Access to the top floor private members’ area, which includes the Snug and ‘dishonesty bar’ for relaxed meetings or a quiet drink and an 8-seater Screening Room available for members to book on an hourly basis.  Your own Takeover week, where you get the chance to run the bar and create your own programme of pop-up events, happenings and collaborations.

How many people can I bring with me?

Project 52’s first floor bar and snug is open to everyone. Feel free to bring your friends in for a drink - we’re open from 11am to 11pm. To access the private members’ area on the second floor, you’ll need your all-access members’ card. You may bring one guest upstairs with you. Exceptions to the rule are when you have the Screening Room booked for a meeting, or at quieter times when - subject to Cris’ agreement - you may be able to take up to two or three guests up with you.

How do I organise my Takeover?

First book your week with Cris. It’s on a first come, first served basis, so don’t miss out on your preferred week - perhaps around your birthday or a week when you have some time to recover… You can plan just one event or something for each of the five nights, it’s up to you. Need some inspiration? Come and talk to us. 

What happens if I leave the island or want to cancel my membership?

Each year members will have the opportunity to exchange their membership with a prospective member on the waiting list. The original fee will be returned to the member upon payment from the new member.

If Project 52 closes down, what happens to my membership joining fee?

In that unlikely event, we all risk losing all or part of our membership fees. Members are not currently liable for any additional costs. However, if the club is as successful as we hope, then we will institute an ownership structure that rewards all of us who dared to dream.

Can I suggest new members?

Absolutely! Prospective new members are welcome to apply, but everyone will go through a vetting process by the Project 52 Membership committee - we aren’t being arsey, but we do want to make sure everyone’s in the same spirit.

How many members are there?

Fifty two. There is a waiting list where you can register your interest if a membership space becomes available.

Are you linked to a brewery?

No. Project 52 is independent and we can decide what we do or don’t sell. You’re unlikely to find pints of Fosters or Stella here, but you will find quality real ales, wines and a selection of spirits chosen by Cris. Where we can, we support local businesses who produce top quality food and drink as well as building relationships with the best producers, distillers and brewers off-island. Is there something you’d like to see on the menu? Let us know - we can’t guarantee it’s possible, but all suggestions are gratefully welcome.

How do I join?

Complete the membership form here and we will be in touch!


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