Project 52, a new members’ club comprised of 52 members from the local business community, will realise the vision for its brand new bar in St Helier through a collaboration with local joinery experts, Whittinghams Ltd., and interior designers, Waddington Interiors.

Designers from each company worked closely with the founding members of Project 52 to help focus their vision and create a story that would translate into the look, feel and personality of the bar through finishes, colours and the overall design.

The final design of the bar takes inspiration from the contemporary and industrial yet homely ‘lived in’ aesthetics of Soho House clubs, mixing rustic concrete and scaffold features with rich oily blue and peacock green colouring, copper leafing and pre-worn wooden flooring.

As a non-traditional members’ club, Project 52 welcomes both male and female members and it will reflect this through subtle elements of design that will balance masculinity and femininity to align with the club’s ethos. Unlike most members’ clubs, non-members will also be welcome to relax and drink in the downstairs bar and lounge, however the upstairs snug and meeting area will be open to members only.

Founding Member of Project 52, Oliver Mourant, commented:

“When our members walk into the new bar we want them to have a sense of ownership, getting the look and feel of the bar right was extremely important to us. While we had a vision, translating this into something tangible has be quite difficult, especially when we have such a diverse membership! The designers at Waddington and Whittinghams really understood what we are trying to achieve and their help has been invaluable throughout the design process. I can’t wait to see the finished product!”

Senior Interior Designer at Waddington Interiors, Stuart Dryden, commented:

“Building on the client’s original industrial-style concept it’s important to make sure that the members of Project 52 will feel as though they’re stepping into their ‘home away from home’. Through our use of colour, material and a strong design element, each room of the club will have its own unique identity.”

Owner and Managing Director of Whittinghams Ltd., Matthew Price, commented:

“Project 52’s vision for their premises was clear and I initially thought it would be very challenging to deliver this unique concept within the constraints of time and budget. However, through our close partnership and collaboration with Waddington, we’ve been able to select methods, materials and finishes that meet the budget without compromising on the overall design. I’m looking forward to seeing people’s reaction to this truly unique concept for Jersey.”

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