Today marks the occasion of the commencement day on the lease for the premises that will house Project 52.
Behind the scenes we have been working with architects, interior designers, craftsmen, electricians, plumbers and a whole host of other firms that together will bring Project 52 alive. Needless to say, we have also been researching ‘behind the bar’ products along the way!
In terms of where we are, the lease is signed, the building control application is underway, schemes for the fit out will be agreed in the next couple of weeks and we have pencilled in the 1st August to commence work on the renovations, this is on the proviso that we have sufficient commitment from members, we are not far off at all.
At the heart of the project is the 52 individual characters that will make this journey a success, and we would like to thank each one of you that has put their trust into the dream that is fast becoming a reality.
The buzz around Project 52 has been amazing and I guess when you sit back and realise that you a part of a unique concept there is reasons to be cheerful and excited about a unique concept. As Luke said “who wouldn’t want a time share in their own pub”!
Do get in touch or register your interest if you wish to part of the journey with us, there is limited space left on the membership.

We will keep you up to date with our progress